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    getting that thing in the mail likeimage



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    WANDER AT COMIC CON!!! This THURSDAY JULY 24th from 2:00 to 3:00 in room 25ABC please join me, April Winchell, Tom Kenny, and Jack McBrayer (in his first Con appearance!) at DisneyXD’S WANDER OVER YONDER PANEL! We’ll be talking about and showing some exclusive clips from what’s coming up in Season 1, giving you a bit of insight into Season 2 and maybe you may even get to hear from Wander, Sylvia, and Commander Peepers themselves! Also you’ll get a chance to ask us any questions you may have about the show.

    Immediately following the panel Jack, April, and I will be signing in room AA05. There, you can show everyone at the Con your love for love- or your love for hate- or your hate for love- or your hate for hate- with these limited edition, exclusive reversable Wander/Hater hats!  

    Looking forward to seeing you all!

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    another rare breed, the 3D Glow Dog

    (huge thanks to Katie Belton for the photos!)

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  7. Go follow this girl, she has great art! 


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    "i don’t like the lego movie"


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  10. Wouldn’t I love, love to explore that shore up above?

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